Absorbing Loss, Embracing Change

Dear Daniel,

Above was my screening at ICFF. Since then there have been multiple nominations for my writing, for Recovery Unplugged, and Letters to Daniel: The Motion Picture. ICFF was glorious. And there seems to be multiple productions in motion, both long term and short term. Some long form some short form. My career is blossoming and skyrocketing.

But as with all things a little rain must fall. Or sometimes, a deluge. My cat had to go into the hospital and stay for 4 nights. Turns out he has diabetes. That was a huge financial hit. And then I found out my friend had died.’

I spent most of my twenties and some of my thirties as close to him as I was to Missy. I cared for his mother and father for a time and lived with him when things were kind of shitty between me and my family.

As it was he never got to see me truly breaking through. When I got the message that he had passed it was like a punch to the gut. A total shock. The last time we spoke was privately on facebook when I had covid. We made promise to break bread once the pandemic was over.

Of course, now that will never happen. I’m trying to digest this and still be able to create and work. Anthony was politically active and was married. He had many friends in the trans community, many of them making up the only family he had.

His widow Susan, I pray for her and their menagerie of furry and feathered children. I feel his loss acutely. I cared for his family (mother and father) during a hard time for us both. I lobbied for transgendered rights with him. I will miss him. Indeed I will miss for a good long while.


Amy McCorkle