Del Weston , me on opening night

About a year ago to the day marked the beginning of this ride I’ve been on. The man next to me in the picture, the great Del Weston. Mentor, friend, family. The world lost a bright light, his death leaving a giant hole in the AOF Megafest community, Without him and his wife’s support this place where I have arrived this week would have never come.

What’s this place. This place where I finally have a manager who sees my career the same way I do. She’s placing my Songbird script in the hands of Andrea Berloff, the director of The Kitchen starring Melissa Mcarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elizabeth Moss. And the place really where a lot of producer/screenwriters see themselves, getting a series they created and wrote green lighted by Netflix.

So from opening night with my mentor, to spreading my wings and flying. I’ve worked insanely hard but I’ve had people guide me and support me at the same time. I have been striving for something like this my whole life. From the moment I watched Al Pacino receive the Academy Award for Scent of A Woman I longed to be a part of Hollywood Storytelling.

From the moment Maurice Benard accepted his first Daytime Emmy and addressed the bipolar community I dreamed of doing the same.

From the moment Daniel emerged from those oceanic waters in Casino Royale I have dreamed of him seeing my work and getting it. And being able to meet him and thank him.

I’ve taken the first step. I have a studio project. Praise the Lord. I have a new manager. Thank god.

Remember if I can do it, so can you.