Dear Daniel,

Oh my how things have accelerated.

Oh my how dreams have started to come true.

I’m connected to one of my heroes now. Kevin Smith blurbed my book. Letters to Daniel the motion picture is on multiple platforms.

Letters to… is a spin off tv series that I am the showrunner for and building my own writer’s room for in tandem with TAKEN NETWORK.

When Doves Cry is being picked up for series production and distribution by MOSAIC TV.

They want us to help them develop and shoot a sitcom.

And to top things off I’ve inked a two picture deal with Fish4Him Entertainment.

So much more really. The possibility of my memoir Letters to Daniel being translated into multiple languages.

The start of our publishing house, Luke’s Library and signing our first author.


Shooting two proof of concepts for two different series this year as well as my friend’s short film is on the list.

God I’ve the best things happening. You can too.


Amy McCorkle